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About Ntractive

Ntractive® is the company behind Elements CRM™, the first and only Mac Customer Relationship Management (Mac CRM) cloud Solution. The company's Elements Platform™, which is part desktop and part cloud, is powered by Webkit. Webkit is the open source browser engine that is used by Apple's Safari, the iPhone, iPad and many other applications.

Justin Bartak

Justin Bartak is Founder, CEO and Chairman at Ntractive. Bartak is responsible for the overall operations, technology and design at Ntractive.

Since 2003, Bartak has been working on the vision, the architecture and overall development of Ntractive and the Elements CRM product line.

Prior to founding Ntractive, Bartak had over twelve years of experience founding and running companies. In 1993, Bartak founded and was Chief Executive Officer of a new media company that specialized in digital content development and creation. Later, in 1997, Bartak joined a Mac software development company as the Vice President of Information Technologies. There he was a key player in the architecture of the company's Internet offerings.

Bartak's passion for business, technology and design is what drives the innovation and elegance behind Ntractive and everything it does.

Jennie Belanus

Jennie Belanus is COO and board advisor at Ntractive. Belanus is responsible for the overall sales, support and financial operations at Ntractive.

Belanus joined Ntractive in 2008 and was a part of the initial launch of Ntractive's signature product, Elements CRM and has been involved in the continued evolvement and development of the product.

Prior to joining Ntractive, Belanus earned over 10 years of experience in business development from a wide range of industries including retail, service, banking, and marketing. Her broad knowledge and experience has proved invaluable to the growth of the Elements CRM app in its expansion across all industries.

Belanus has a strong passion for helping businesses grow and succeed. Her knowledge, passion and love of technology are what drives the continued product growth and sales at Ntractive.

Company Timeline and Journey

- Elements CRM was Born -

- Core Architecture Built -
- Founded Ntractive, LLP -

- Core Features Built -

- Founded Ntractive, LLC -

- InnovateND Winner -
- Apple WWDC IT State of the Union Presenter -
- Launched Elements CRM at MacWorld Expo -
- Elements CRM 1.0 Release -

- Closed Series A Investment Funding -
- Elements CRM iPhone 1.0 Release -

- Elements CRM 2.0 Release -
- Elements CRM Mail 1.0 Release -
- Apple "Staff Pick" -
- Closed Series B Investment Funding -

- Elements CRM 3.0 Release -

- Elements CRM Mail 2.0 Release -
- Elements CRM 4.0 Release -
- Top Ten Silver Award -

- Elements CRM 4.3 Release -
- SmallBizCRM Recommend -
- Elements CRM Mobile 2.1 Release -

- Top Ten Silver Award -
- Elements CRM Mobile 2.2 Release -
- Elements CRM Mail 2.1 Release -
- Elements CRM 5.0 Release -
-Launch of Next Generation Cloud -
-Ntractive presents at Hong Kong Apple Stores -
-Ntractive presents at Japan Apple Stores -

- Elements CRM 5.5 Release-
- Elements CRM Basic Edition Announced-
- Elements CRM Performance Edition Announced-
-Ntractive presents at Chicago Apple Stores -

- Elements CRM 6.0 Release-