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Elements CRM for Mac OS X

A Mac CRM desktop cloud app built with powerful CRM features and a beautiful interface, Elements CRM will increase your team’s productivity and get your company back on track. It’s a full featured Customer Relationship Management tool focusing on tracking leads and clients, scheduling followups, tracking opportunities, making sales and so much more.

NEW Elements CRM Version 6.0.3

Elements CRM Desktop App
Every Business Imaginable

Designed to fit the needs of so many different industries, Elements CRM works great for startups, marketing firms, realtors, manufacturers, consultants and so much more. Check out our different editions and see which one works best for your company’s needs. We really do have something for everyone!

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No Servers Required

Fully scalable and ready to grow. Elements CRM makes it easy to grow into a successful company! There’s no minimum user requirements, you pay for what you need and add users as you need them. Need more features? Upgrade with ease and never skip a beat.

iOS for Business

With an iPad app that includes all the features of the desktop app, and an iPhone app in your pocket you will never be more than a touch away from your business or enterprise. Elements CRM is the best iOS CRM app on the market.

NEW Elements CRM for iPad and iPhone Learn more

Elements CRM for iPad

Free data import, support, training and just overall help*.

Changing systems may seem scary, but we have experts on hand that will take your existing data and import it into Elements CRM for you! Whether you are switching form Daylite, Act! (there is no Act! for Mac!), Salesforce, Filemaker, or an old fashioned spreadsheet, we can get your data organized and imported into Elements CRM. Plus, you and your team will receive expert training and all the help you need to get up and running quickly. The best part is, it's all free! It doesn't get any easier than that! Wanna know more? Click here!

*included with your elements crm subscription.

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Brief Overview of Elements CRM

What's New

NEW Elements CRM Now Includes Opportunity Tracking for Group and Professional Editions of its Mac CRM - Mac CRM leader Ntractive includes Opportunity tracking for their Group and Professional Editions of Elements CRM...." Read more

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Elements CRM Award
Honors and Awards

When your Mac CRM is as beautiful and powerful as Elements CRM is, it's ok to brag a little, right? Elements CRM is: Apple "Staff Pick", Apple WWDC IT State of the Union Presenter, Apple Store Event Presenter (US, China, Japan), Top Ten Silver Award winner, SmallBiz CRM "Recommend" and many more.

Elements CRM Award
Read Reviews

People are talking about the best CRM for Mac and iOS. Elements CRM is the premier CRM app to run your Apple Business and the proof is in the reviews. Read what people are saying and see for yourself!

Elements CRM Review

“Just started using Elements CRM and it rocks! This is the coolest app for Mac business. Plus, it's super sexy like my Mac. I feel like a pro using it for my new biz. Also love it that I can use it on my iPad and iPhone.”

- Mac App Store Review

Elements CRM Review

“Developed exclusively for Mac computers, Elements CRM is sleek, user-friendly CRM for Mac. Elements CRM earns the TopTenREVIEWS Silver Award.”


Elements CRM Review

“..its simplicity, mobile CRM and overall Mac friendly features make Elements CRM a superb option for Apple Mac users.”

- SmallBizCRM

Elements CRM Review

“Elements CRM really stands out when it comes to the integration with the OSX environment and I have found it really simple and easy to use. The support from the Elements team with setting up the CRM to work seamlessly with my current business was great to have. Due to business commitments I travel a lot, no matter where I have been working from, whether it be in Australia or the US, I have always been able to access Elements CRM to keep my business running. I would seriously recommend Elements CRM to any business owner that is looking for a native OSX CRM program.”

- Craig Myton

Elements CRM Review

“We can very happily endorse this product. We love it. There is no question that you could run your whole business with just the Elements dashboard.”

- Paul Baudhuin

Elements CRM Review

“A small company looking to more effectively manage leads and contact information, track communications and sales interactions, and set tasks for follow-up should evaluate Elements CRM.”

-Software Advice

Elements CRM Review

“I began to look around and came across Elements CRM for Mac. What a great choice. We sent over all our information and within a few hours Elements CRM had us set up and running. Not only is it easy to use, but anytime you have a question about an issue you get a answer back within minutes by email. Their customer service is fantastic.”

- Gary from Gorman Sales LLC