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What is a Mac CRM?

Elements CRM is a Mac CRM (Customer Relationship Management) designed exclusively for Apple Business devices such as the iMac, iPhone and iPad. A Mac CRM is about maintaining and improving your relationships with your leads, prospects and clients. Elements CRM was designed specifically for your Mac and iOS Devices, and its the #1 Mac CRM on the market today for Mac, iPad and iPhone.

How can a Mac CRM benefit my company?
Implementing a Mac CRM into your company will improve productivity and efficiency. With your employees performing at a higher level, they are able to reach out to more prospects and close more sales. The increase in their efficiency increases profitability by reducing operational costs.
What's new? And what's coming in the future?
Check the release notes right here. Sorry, we don't give away the secrets of our future plans.
Do I need internet access to use Elements CRM?
Yes, internet access (broadband or better) is required in order to access your Elements CRM account. No off-line access is available.
What makes Elements CRM different?
Elements CRM is the only full CRM solution that was designed specifically for the Mac user. Traditional web-apps can be accessed on the Mac, of course, but their design is much more PC-centric (in other words- messy and confusing). Elements is all about its beautiful, intuitive interface, while maintaining the powerful features of a true CRM solution.
Why is your app free on the Mac App Store?
Elements CRM is always free to download, but requires a subscription to use. We are often asked why we don't list the free trial information or why the app is free on the Mac App Store. Apple has very strict guidelines as to what information can be listed on app descriptions. Listing details of a free trial is not permitted. We are able to list that the app requires a paid subscription which we include at the top of the Elements CRM description.
Download from the Website or from the Mac App Store?
If you download the desktop app via the Mac App Store, you'll get a very easy installation process. But, in the future, file navigation may be slightly more cumbersome due to Sandboxing and updates are a bit slower to reach the Mac App Store due to the Apple approval process of apps. If you download the desktop app from our website, you'll get immediate updates and no Sandboxing limitations. The iPhone and iPad apps must be downloaded through the iTunes Store.
Can I migrate from the Mac App Store version?
Yes. Simply discard Elements CRM from your Applications folder and re-download it from the Ntractive website.
Does Elements CRM work on my iPad and iPad Mini?
Yes! Download Elements CRM and log in using the same credentials you use for the desktop app. Make sure you have activated the Elements CRM Mobile Service before attempting to download. This can be done on the desktop app in the Mobile Element.
Does Elements CRM work on my iPhone?
It sure does. Download Elements CRM from the iTunes Store and log in using the same credentials you use for the desktop app. Make sure you have activated the Elements CRM Mobile Service before attempting to download. This can be done on the desktop app in the Mobile Element.
Does Elements CRM work with my email?
Yep! There are two parts to the email integration. First, by clicking the email address of a contact stored in Elements, a new email message is automatically launched and addressed to them in your default mail client (i.e. Apple Mail, Outlook, Entourage, etc.). The second level of email integration is the Elements CRM Mail tracking tool that copies email communication into Elements. Click here to learn more.
Is my data backed-up?
Absolutely. Part of our job of providing a hosted solution is protecting your data and backing it up in case of a natural disaster. But for those that want a little extra protection, you may subscribe to our Backup Service, which provides 12 backup 'instances' of your data. For example, save a backup once a month for the past 12 months. This allows you to go back to an instance in time if ever necessary.
What kind of businesses are using Elements CRM?
Elements CRM is successfully used by many different industries, and there have been no specific industries that are more common than another. Some example companies include: startups, marketing agencies, high-tech, manufacturing, media, real estate, financial, non-profits, and more.
Does Ntractive offer support and training for Elements CRM?
Absolutely. The key to embracing and taking advantage of a CRM is learning how to use it. Elements CRM is simple to learn, and our expert trainers are there through every step of the way to ensure you are taking advantage of all its great features. Support is free during the first 30 days, and ongoing email support is forever free.
What CRM is Elements CRM comparable to?
Elements CRM is difficult to compare to other CRMs because there is nothing like it out there. No CRM Cloud app built specifically for the Mac exists, well except us of course. The closest comparison would probably be Salesforce as it is web-based as well, though it is not designed for the Mac. Daylite and Filemaker are sometimes compared, though neither are direct competitors as they are both desktop apps and not considered full CRMs.
Does Ntractive have plans for a PC/ Windows product?
We have no immediate or near future plans for a PC Version of Elements CRM. Perhaps we never will. After all, we love our Macs! Have a few PC users? We recommend switching everyone to the Mac! You wouldn't be our first client to do so!
Does Ntractive have plans for an Android Mobile product?
No plans. Elements CRM is made for the Apple lovers out there. It's meant to work seamlessly among all your computers and devices, just like Macs do with iOS devices.
What OS X and iOS Versions do you support?
Elements CRM supports the following OS X and iOS operating systems.
OS X Mavericks OS X Yosemite OS X El Capitan
iOS 7 iOS 8 iOS 9
Is Ntractive a public company?
No, we are not. Ntractive is privately owned and operated. Being we are a private company, we don't share information with the public about our company, number of customers, etc.
How long has Ntractive been around?
The product inception was in 2003, and the company was officially founded in 2006. The product was first introduced in 2007 and available to the public in October of 2008.
Does Elements sync with Calendar and Contacts?
There is no syncing between Elements CRM and outside applications, though there are integrations available. Events, calls, etc. that have been created in Elements CRM can be posted to your Apple Calendar with the click of a button. No other calendar integrations are supported (Outlook, Google Calendar, etc). Contacts in your Apple Contacts can be imported into Elements. Elements CRM is meant to replace Contacts when it comes to managing your business contacts. Once you've imported your business contacts, new ones should be added and managed from Elements CRM.
How often are new versions released?
Big releases that include lots of cool new features occur approximately once a year. Smaller releases, such as minor bug updates, may occur in-between the larger releases. Updates are free! (Another great benefit of subscription-based services.)
Do I need server hardware to run Element CRM?
Heck no! We take care of all of that for you. You need a Mac and an internet connection. We take care of the rest.
How do I get my data into Elements CRM?
Importing a spreadsheet of your company's leads, customers or other contacts is a simple, clean way to get started and it's a quick and painless process. Simply clean up your spreadsheet of unwanted data and hand it over to the Ntractive team. If they are in a vCard format instead, no problem! Send along the groups of vCards you'd like imported.
If I quit, how do I get my data out?
An export of your contacts is always available with the push of a button. Need more than just your contact list? Contact Ntractive about purchasing a one-time export of all your data.
What is the Cloud?
The "Cloud" is a fancy word for using the internet to access your data. It means the information is stored on a remote server "Cloud". Facebook is an example of a cloud app. The cloud makes it convenient to access information from almost anywhere.
What is a Hybrid/Cloud Web App?
A hybrid app is a combination of a desktop app and a web app. Part of the application is running off the desktop (iWork's Pages or Numbers run off the desktop), and part of the app is in the cloud, accessing the info over the internet. Elements CRM is a hybrid app. The shell of the application is running off your desktop, and the information is stored in the cloud. Nothing is stored locally, so you must have an internet connection to access your data. The hybrid brings so many benefits including: increased security, faster performance, and a more beautiful user-interface.
Is Elements CRM localized for other languages?
Elements CRM is English only for now. You may input any languages into the system such as Japanese, Chinese and French, however all menus and headings will remain in English.
Does Elements CRM handle other currency?
Yes, we handle over 100 + country currencies in the system.
What currencies do you support for credit card processing?
Australian Dollar, British Pound, Canadian Dollar, Czech Koruna, Danish Krone, Euro, Hong Kong Dollar, Hungarian Forint, Israeli New Shekel, Japanese Yen, Mexican Peso, New Taiwan Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, Norwegian Krone, Philippine Peso, Polish Zioty, Singapore Krona, Swedish Krona, Swiss Franc, Thai Baht