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Elements Functionality.
Mac CRM, PIM and ERP Solution for your Business.

Elements CRM is the Mac Customer Relationship Management (Mac CRM) solution, the Personal Information Management (PIM) and the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for your small, medium or large business.

The overall goal of our Mac PIM is to organize, maintain and update your personal information. Elements CRM has all the tools you need to manage your personal info and much, much more.

The overall goal of our Mac CRM is to find, attract and win new clients, and nurture and retain the clients your company already has. Elements CRM has all the tools you need to manage clients and much, much more.

The overall goal of our Mac ERP is to automate, integrate and flow information between business functions. Elements ERP has all the tools you need to manage your invoicing, payments, products, finance and much more.
Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
There are many things to consider when deciding on which Mac CRM to use. For many small businesses, the cost seems to be one of most important. The beauty of Elements CRM is that it provides a low cost of entry and a low TCO, without having to sacrifice on functionality. There is no extra hardware to purchase other than your standard Mac and Apple iOS Devices (iPhone, iPod touch and iPad), and there are no ongoing IT costs to maintain the system. We take care of the updates, we take care of keeping your data safe and you are left to do what you do best. Elements CRM is easy to use and easy to setup, making adoption a hassle free process. Companies large and small in every industry are experiencing success and savings with Elements CRM.
Target Industries:
• Decentralized (multiple offices, home offices, traveling sales staff)
• Committed to hosting and subscription-based pricing model (want to rent, not buy)
• Solution Selling (sells products and/or services)
• Understands and looking to achieve CRM (not just contact management)
• Desire to outsource IT administration, maintenance and management
• Reporting and analytics - on-demand access to information
• Ability to create invoices and receive payments
• Integrate front-office and back-office - (sales to accounting workflow)
Ideal Customer Profile:
• Startup Companies
• Social Companies
• Financial Companies
• Consulting Companies
• Government Companies
• High-Tech Companies
• Manufacturing Companies
• Media Companies
• Retail Companies
• Boutique Companies
• Non-Profit Companies
• and many other industries